Employment Opportunities

Mina Group is a San Francisco-based restaurant management company specializing in operating high-end, innovative restaurant concepts. With 20 restaurants operating across 11 markets in the United States, we are a dynamic, innovative company with many growth opportunities. Among various employment benefits, Mina staff members will enjoy a balance of mentorship, support and opportunity in the industry.

Introducing "A Constant Evolution - Working with the Mina Group" Watch the video to learn about Mina Group culture with this insider view, highlighting the valuable people who work at Mina Group, evoking Michael Mina's philosophy: providing the ultimate guest experience.

Mina Group, LLC

244 California Street, 4th floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 359-0791 (No restaurant reservations please.)
Fax: (415) 627-0981