Cook Taste Eat

Co-Created by Michael Mina and launched in September 2012, Cook Taste Eat brings free videos, recipes and pro chef tips that help home cooks and food lovers become more confident in the kitchen. Michael, along with other world-renowned chefs and celebrities, teaches you how to prepare remarkable meals that you won't believe you can make at home. On Cook Taste Eat, you will learn more than how to simply follow a recipe, you will gain the lasting skills of how to taste and balance sweet, spicy, rich and acidic flavors to take your cooking to the next level.

Why Chef Mina Started Cook Taste Eat

Cook Taste Eat now offers in-depth cooking classes that you can enjoy on-demand. Packed with insider secrets, these classes can be accessed online, anytime - making them the ultimate tool for your culinary development. I'm excited to introduce you to my new Cook Taste Eat class Cooking Perfect Steaks, Every Time. In this class, I start with the basics - all about the different cuts and grades of meat and how to talk with your butcher. Then I will teach you my own favorite steak and potato dishes like Steak Tartare & Gaufrettes and Steak Au Poivre Frites. Take this class and start impressing your friends and family with perfect steak, every time..

Preview of the class Cooking Perfect Steaks, Every Time

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